Client Service Policy

Excelling in the service industry is always more challenging as compared to the product industry. Clients of the service industry are often more critical and demanding, since they are in direct contact with the service and experience more touch points.

When it comes to providing exceptional client service at a beauty salon and ensuring a satisfied experience, management needs to keep service standards in perspective and clients in the centre of the business.

Adorn Beauty Salon believe that by creating the perfect experience our clients will always be satisfied.

The Experience

The services offered at Adorn are very personal and require a lot more attention and dedication as compared to other services. Clients usually visit the salon to look good and get a relaxing experience after long days of work and stress. The environment in the salon is peaceful, with aesthetic interior, soft music and extremely polite staff.

We ensure that all items in the salon are clean and hygienic. Everything clean is shining, organised and ready before the client is served.

If the client is interested in getting a massage, we have scented candles, clean linen, and most importantly no noise. Chatter from the other rooms or staff conversations do not disturb our clients.

Time Management

If the salon is overbooked or is running late to accommodate an appointment, then we inform our clients in advance and offer them free extra services or a discounted rate when they come in next time. We show our clients that we value them and don’t just look to make business.

We inform our clients how much time is needed for each treatment and make sure to provide service effectively within that time. All our clients are an asset to the business and will be treated accordingly.


Clients don’t like rushing into getting a treatment without putting thought into it. It’s not just about the cost, but also the impact a treatment will have on them.

We give our clients the time and attention they are looking for and patiently try to understand what their requirements are.

We ensure our clients feel comfortable and at ease while getting any form of treatment from Adorn.

Trained Staff

All our staff undergo formal training and attend workshops to master their art. They are experienced and dedicated individuals who know their work and will not disappoint the client or deliver poor service.

In addition to the NVQ qualifications that all staff have they have also undertaken the following training:

  • Fake Bake

  • Decleor Facial

  • CACI

  • Threading

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Bare Mineral make up

Attention to Detail

At Adorn we ensure that there is attention to detail in every part of the client experience. Clients are made to feel comfortable, offered refreshments, their requirements are understood and remembered.

Our clients are given a reward card and for each visit they received a stamp and at certain landmarks they are given discounts or free treatment. We also have a reward card for products purchased with us as well.

Client Feedback

We care about our clients and regularly ask them for feedback please read our client testimonials and hear what they have to say.