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Dermogenera Customised Face Treatment


Dermogenera Anti-Age Face Treatment


Dermogenera Express Diagnostic Face Treatment


Chemical Peel

(or chemical exfoliation) is an accelerated exfoliation induced by chemical agents that cause a controlled damage resulting in thickening and strengthening of the epidermis, the deposition of healthy collagen and therefore increases in dermal volume. The result is an improved appearance of the skin, with fewer signs of ageing- reduction in appearance of pigmentation & uneven skin texture/scarring. They can also be used to balance sebum & help unclog acneic & oily skins. They function by taking advantage of a natural biological process of the skin – desquamation. This literally removes or stimulates faster exfoliation of the layers of skin so that newer, healthier skin cells can surface. These peels light to medium in strength.


Dermalux LED Treatment

This is a non invasive relaxing treatment during which a canopy-style light containing tiny red, blue & white light producing ‘bulbs’ is placed over the face (or body!) to tigger a cascade of skin enhancing processes at a cellular level. It may be taken as a 30 minute standalone treatment or added on as a 20 minute boost to any facial treatment.


Dermalux 20 minute

Add on to another face treatment


Micro needling treatment (includes LED)

For the treatment of fine lines, enlarged pores, ageing & sun damaged skin, scarring etc; by piercing the surface very superficially with a needling pen device cellular regeneration is stimulated. This is due to the wound healing response by the skin.
3-6 treatments at roughly monthly intervals are recommended for best results (sometimes interspersed with chemical peel treatments).
LED light treatment is included to boost efficacy & calm immediate redness.

Single session: £150
Course of 3: £350

Skin Blemish Treatment with advanced electrolysis

Minimum: £25
10 minutes: £40
15 minutes: £50

Strip Sugaring / Hot Waxing / Threading

Strip sugaring: Try strip sugaring for a gentler equivalent of strip waxing. Ideal for those with more sensitive skin or allergies to wax, this is a water soluble product made of 3 natural ingredients.

Hot waxing: Hot or hard wax is a non-sticky stripless setting wax ideal for stronger hair in the bikini/under arm/nostril/face. It is much more comfortable in these delicate areas.

Full leg


Half leg





From £15





Lip & chin





Eye Lash lift (& tint)

Open up your eyes with the starry eyed look this treatment gives, making lashes appear longer & darker for up to 8 weeks.